Columbarium Companies Services

There are vast practices all over the world done to send off the dead. Despite the differences in such practices there are some similarities too. Most sendoff ceremonies depict respect for the dead. According to the dictionary, a columbarium is a respectful place where the cremated remains are stored. Columbarium companies’ main purpose is to […]

SIFE Memorial Takes Home Two National Titles

The first day of the 2011 ACE National Exposition was very exciting, and we are proud to announce that SIFE Memorial has been declared National Champions in the TD Entrepreneurship Challenge and SIFE Financial Education Challenge. The SIFE Financial Education Challenge is a SIFE team based topic competition operated by ACE. The purpose of this national […]

SIFE Memorial Launches iphone App!

SIFE Memorial has some exciting news today, we have finally launched our first version of FYI expense tracker application for smart phones (only available on iphone for now). It features financial tools to help students track their personal expenses. Users can set a budget, receive financial tips and organize expenses by day, month and year – […]

SIFE Memorial holds Regional Showcase

Over the weekend, SIFE Memorial held a showcase for our two regional topic teams. The presentations gave our friends, family, and supporters a sneak-peak at what the teams will be bringing to this year’s ACE Regional Competition (this week!). The Go-Green Team and the Entrepreneurship Team presented to a packed room, and it’s safe to […]