Columbarium Companies Services

There are vast practices all over the world done to send off the dead. Despite the differences in such practices there are some similarities too. Most sendoff ceremonies depict respect for the dead. According to the dictionary, a columbarium is a respectful place where the cremated remains are stored. Columbarium companies’ main purpose is to beautify the final resting place of a being at a price. This practice can be traced back to the romans where these decorations, mosaics and frescoes were conducted underground.

The main function of a modern columbarium company is to restore and repair monuments as well as engraving cemeteries. Some of the services offered by columbarium companies presently include:

  • Provision of hand –sculpted monuments
  • Refinishing bronze cenotaphs
  • Polishing and cleaning marble granite and marble coping stacks
  • Marking pets
  • Performing laser etching services
  • Etching diamonds by hand
  • Evening out recessed monuments or markers
  • Providing porcelain colored photographs
  • Vase replacement
  • Engraving


Columbarium business relies on the natural laws of nature. As such, the trade has since spread all over the world. Some of the reasons why the one should invest in a columbarium:

Due to the ever rising world population land is becoming scarce by day. There is no better placed organization that can offer innovative solutions for providing resting places for the deceased such as a columbarium company.

The beauty of the cemeteries courtesy of columbarium continue to draw people to cremation ceremonies.

If done well, columbarium maximizes interment space which in turn helps to reduces maintenance costs. The garden can be done by gravel and stone therefore cutting the cost on water used on natural gardens

The outcome of the exercise is a breath-taking respectable view suitable to be a final resting place.


Provides more interment options

Offers an opportunity of having a remarkably beautiful family columbarium which would save on space and provide a unique architecture for the final resting place that will be associated with the family in question.


Have your cemetery separate from others and custom made

While the columbarium business is still new in some places, its spread is steady as it is appreciated and absorbed into different communities. One of the greatest challenges facing this line of business is traditional and practices of different ethnicities and religions. Either way it is still being absorbed and even regulated in some communities. In Hong Kong for example; a private columbaria bill was passed to regulate the columbaria business in the region.